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    Fabienne Fredrickson 

    Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know. 

    Take home kit information

    Welcome to my online store! Read below to find out how it all works. More items will be added.

    Some items have a $2 or $3  brush deposit added. You will receive your deposit back once your bring back your pottery and brushes. 

    How to get your items: I'm happy to deliver your pottery to your doorstep if you live within city limits. There is also the option of curbside pickup outside the studio. (Just let know know your choice in the section where you enter your color choices).

    Color: Why only FOUR colors and additional prices for more? I have limited supplies and I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a take home kit. You may purchase up to 3 additional colors. Remember if you want something white, you simply leave it unpainted. The exception to this rule is plates, mugs, and spoon rests (anything that food and drinks will touch). All of those items have to be COMPLETELY painted front and back. If you don't see a color in the options you like, simply type a color in and I will do my best to match it up.  

    Once your order is placed, I will contact you to arrange delivery or curbside pickup times. 

    When you are finished with your pottery, there are two options. You can hold on to it and return, once we are done social distancing. You may also arrange a time to bring it back to the studio. All items will sit for 5 days before I prepare them to be fired. This is a precaution to protect myself and my family. 

    What the Painted Fox is all about...


    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    How it works: You come in and pick a piece of pottery to paint and make it exactly like you want it. We have many different tools for you to use to make your piece one of kind. After you have finished, you leave it with us. We fire it and you pick up 7-10 days later. Call or email to find out more about adult parties and large groups. Walk-in studio hours can be found on the monthly calendar. The Painted Fox has something for everyone. 


    Glass Fusing

    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    What is glass fusing you ask... it is the technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln. At the Painted Fox we have a pre-cut glass bar with many projects available for walk-ins. Glass classes are also available for the more involved projects. Those will be located on our monthly calender. Group parties are also available. Ages 10 and up for these activities. 


    Clay Hand-Building

    Paint your own Pottery - PYOP

    Clay Hand-Building

    Come in and create your own piece of pottery. We have many tools to create your own, one of kind piece. A staff member will be right there to guide and help you. Classes will be available for all ages. We can't wait to help you get messy with a piece of clay. 


    Canvas Painting

    Wood Sign Painting

    Wood Sign Painting

    Canvas Paintings are available for walk-in customers or scheduled parties. Check the calendar for Canvas Night. 


    Wood Sign Painting

    Wood Sign Painting

    Wood Sign Painting

    Who doesn't love the wood sign trend. Come to the Painted Fox and we can help you create your own sign. Also, check the calendar for Group Painting Nights or email to schedule one for you and a group of friends. All ages welcome. 

    Kids Party Packages

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